Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Newspaper cones of nuts

The stars a sprinkling of pale pepper
on the black salt of the sky
the moon’s a sliver of pungent onion
and hardly a tear in any eye
let’s sit here and share newspaper
cones of nuts and watch that guy
string hollowed out bones into a skeleton
that can barely breathe or die.

The earth is round like a roll at supper
and a crusted fruit plate pie
the sun’s a bun in gold and crimson
done to a turn when it gets high
let’s sit here all cosy and super
share the air, just you and I
they’ll be coming, that’s for certain
and we’ll join them by and by.

You can take the side of a pauper
but not all rich men can sprout a lie
the salt of the earth gets no cinnamon
and bread crumbles when it’s too dry
the stars are kernels for the popper
and moon’s butter to a gluttonous eye
or it could be a sliver of onion
rotting in the heart of a skeletal sigh.

Suns and moons, buns and dippers
change nothing, all rules apply
large ships sailing the high oceans
mean nil to small merchants, and fry;
eat the peanuts, dig no deeper
can’t get closer so don’t even try
and shred the paper, don’t smooth open
otherwise the headlines make you cry.

Shared for OLN @ dVerse


  1. This is wonderful! Flawless in its reading..perfectly paced...and I think there's no better role for one of today's mainstream newspapers to play...unless we talk birdcages :)

    1. That's an idea about birdcages! :) thank you..

  2. The earth is round like a roll at supper
    and a crusted fruit plate pie...ha cool...love your imagery here

  3. Wow, that is a sad world you picture. I am happy I am not God having to take that meal. But I believe the world is not dead meat to God. And I believe God is very discriminating when it comes to feed.

  4. wow...really cool write...the eating of the nuts watching the guy build a skeleton...the third stanza...dang....i like, it is tight and forces us to think....

  5. So rich in similes and metaphors...but now I'm hungry!

    1. a bit of nostalgia drove the poem...so many memories built around food :) thank you for reading

  6. Terrific...you have 'nailed' the subject! So much to think about here.

  7. I love the earth being round like a roll at supper, love it :)

  8. This life sure make sone hungry!

  9. I specially like the food images weaving in your words...pepper, onion, salt, pie ~

  10. Great descriptive lines here..I especially like the flow and the "pauper" line and "no rich man can sprout a lie" and the 'salt of the earth gets no cinnamon' ;)

    1. The salt of the earth makes do with salt alone, no frills. Thank you for your comments.

  11. Nice to escape, but sooner or later we have to tackle it head on...

  12. Ha! "newspaper cones of nuts" -- I wonder if other Westerners got this -- ah, memories of India. I also had to laugh at the British English;

    For North Americans "cosy" is a cover for tea,
    While "cozy" is how she is with me!

    Fascinating poem -- not sure I got it all, but the sky and food analogies were enticing. The sense I had was that pleasure depends not on money -- just as peanuts in rolled up newspaper can be wonderful!
    [am I close? -- reading through the comments, I can't see if anyone else understood - they offered no clues either]
    [love your reply to Anders, btw]

    1. I am not sure if everybody knows "black salt" either, but it doesn't really matter. Take your contentment the way you can, whenever you can - is the closest I suppose, if I have to sum up the message of the poem. But once I have it out of my head and put it up here, whoever reads is free to associate images of their own choice with it, I am fine with that. You can say I am not obsessive about the interpretion ;-)

      And cozy? cozy?! that's *wrong* spelling! :D

      Thanks for reading and your detailed feedback, much appreciated!

    2. My pleasure! And thanx for the humerus comeback!!


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