Tuesday 16 April 2024



M is for a Multiplicity of images... and here are the first lot. 

Mural on Lower Circular Road, Kolkata, India.

 Cincinnati, OH, USA.

NCSU, Raleigh, NC.

More murals. Pedestrian underpass near Trafalgar Sq, London.

Restaurant on Arab Street, Singapore. 

M is also for Miniature - which ties into my N as well. 

Netsuke on display at the V&A Museum, London, UK.

Of course an explanation is necessary - here it is.

Pounding glutinous rice...

Can't help but marvel at the intricacy of the work....neat or what?

Nifty, no?

That's M and N. For memories and nostalgia.  Hope you've enjoyed the photos. Happy A-Zing! - if you're participating. And happy cusp season to you, if you're not! 

Posted for the A-Z Challenge 2024


  1. A mulitiplicity of marvellous images. Thank you.

  2. The miniatures are nice.
    Raleigh, NC - wow!

  3. Magnificent and nifty, indeed.

  4. The murals are so colorful and clean looking. The little miniatures, I can't really picture how they work but they are so interesting

  5. Hi Nila - Multi-cultural London town = Trafalgar Square ... interesting set of murals, and those exquisite miniatures ... delightful - thank you - cheers Hilary