Monday, 6 May 2013

Sillysong for Monday

Tell me truly, what makes the potter - 
the turning wheel or the final pot
and what if the kiln is cooler or hotter
and all that effort comes to nought?


What changes the ploughman to a farmer
the furrows neat, or the golden crop
and is a soldier victory or armour
or should I let this argument drop?


I feel the beat that moves the dancer
maybe it’s her grace makes the beat throb
think on it and give me an answer
are results key, or plugging the job?



  1. Beautiful. There is no journey without a destination, no destination without a journey.

    1. Thank you. The questions could be extended to writers too. :)

  2. very nicely expressed!! indeed both destinations and the walk on the road .. compliment each other .
    THUMBS UP Nilanjana! :)

    1. Thank you. But sometimes it's not apparent.

  3. ek to mughhe inglish bahut kam aati hai, dusare kavita ki samaghh bahut achhi nahi hai, bavjud isake apaki kavita mughhe achhi lagi, matalab yah sahaj sampreshariy hai, aabhar

    1. Padne aur tippani ke liye bahut shukriya. Aap pade humein khushi hui, lekin humein Hindi kuch khas nahi aati, pad lete hain, likhne me kaafi kamzor, ghalatiyan maaf karein.

  4. Lovely words Nilanjana. i loved the easy flow of words.


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