Monday, 27 May 2013

ma phaleshu kadachana

It can be won only part by part
and not with the tools I choose,
not with the one lovingly penned;
the price of each victory gained
are the crumpled ones that lose;


this nib’s been dipped into this heart
but blood’s too thick, no use,
must get some ink and keep it plain -
no dramatics, overdone pain,
forget the wound and bruise;


no attachment to any art
learn to turn them loose
once they’re done wipe heart and brain,
once they’re gone from this domain.
Others say if they win or lose.


  1. Lovely! You have a nature flair for poetry. Will be heading to some other ones of yours too! :-)

  2. apt !! well defining the meaning of the Title !!
    Once done our share .. get detached to be effected by the result .. 'Learn to turn them loose'
    I am always left wordless reading you !! You are one gem of a poetess I thankfully stumbled upon and cherish every moment I get to read you! Keep inspiring !! :)

  3. Epic enlightenment seeped down a writer's nib. That said, few can stain the paper with the strains of the heart, thick or thin. One can get closer by wisps at best. My humble opinion, of course.

    1. Thank you for reading and the opinions. True that. Many tiny steps, no giant leaps.