Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Midweek Sillysong

Don’t judge a journal by its cover
and a person by their clothes and clogs
there’s land under the deepest water
and a wheel’s not a sum of its cogs
gold’s always gold, but as for glitter
it can choose to take a shine, or not
who can say that matte isn’t better
and high polish always hits the spot?
the skies might lighten and get darker
the sun and stars in an endless swap
and yet the dark cosmos is greater
though all of them do a sincere job
the road decides when to meander
and when to pull up and dust itself off
and run for a bit, brisk and straighter
it’s much more than its starts and stops
graphics well drawn, slicker and quicker
than lightning forks, one click and shot
the essence still escapes the picture
the whole cannot be framed and caught
the sense gets dimmer, the meanings splinter
and it's all fine, but we are distraught
come split this hair and point the finger
and tell us exactly what is what
there’s more to you than being a reader
there’s more to me than someone who plots
lines of daydreams trailed into rivers,
the heartsblood of nights in inked out clots.



  1. samvedana ke dhago se piroyi gayi kavita achhi lagi, dhanyavad

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Like the way you've spelt the word :)

  3. well.. ur style of writing is very very unique Neela .. trust me ... from where you pick up and where you drop by the time you reach the last line is worth infinite phrases.. at times I find its quite just when you name your work in your unique way rather than defining them into an emotion or few !
    The depth of your thoughts can be measured with the awesome lines you are able to make , brick by brick , all in place... words are less!
    Absolute love and SUPPA LIKE !!

    1. Thank you for that very warm compliment. I find titles the most difficult part to write, so much easier to say in made up words :)

  4. Yes, the 'inked out clots' are just not the total of the 'lines of daydreams (that) trailed into rivers.