Wednesday, 19 June 2013

I can call it a ghazal if I like

You read it only when a spotlight shines on it,
and it’s the light itself that fades the lines on it


so should I fix this light or switch to pitch dark
and will you find the sense without clear signs on it?


nibs scratch the surface, silence leaves a deeper mark
so ink or blank? and now they both look fine on it


can’t say for sure which fades first, which stays fast
nuances its meaning and goes on, refines on it


who stands by me while I make the darkness last
no matter what the blank white light defines on it?


  1. i always felt silence stayed longer... does it make any sense?
    (I am pathetic at poetry , try really hard to think according to the poet through their lines. :P)

  2. I again defend myself my citing that i am not very smart with the only thing i would like to say is that i feel that u can explore varios styles of poetry which is ur true strength


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