Monday, 17 February 2014

Themed in the next one

You know I tried many times to write to themes
parenting, jobs, sex, cities and such, but words
won’t be segregated – love and sorrow, dreams
defy limits, don’t agree to be bordered,

resist the lures of heavy grammage and gild,
spill across in slurps of untidy noise
billowing emotions, but still iron-willed;  
so I gave up, mustered whatever poise

I could in that messed-up meaningful wild
and wrote and left, tail between my pens, or keys
more often than not nowadays, my brain child
turned out to be less mine, scrolled memories

of verses, blown out feelings like popped balloons,
radio voices babbled over party spoons.


  1. It's a bit difficult to write on themes - but it is also challenging if you see the upsides. There is so much more - awaiting to be told, written - in the commonness of life - your poetry reminded me of that.

    1. True that...and the harder the challenge the sweeter the kick if one manages it. Thanks for being here.