Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Teacher's Fee : Excerpt

Eklavya’s not quite a hero, a bit player
many like him in that ancient epic
a one-off conflict, a scene here or there
and promptly dismissed in a casual flick.
How does that justify writing long odes
the complex crafted lyrics, line by line
moving glass beads of sounds on an abacus?
all praise’s for demigods
why should anyone carefully realign
the praise towards a mere man with so much fuss?

The quality of steadfastness is rare
rare indeed the mind which has the intrinsic
strings in place to wing it on a prayer
with a statue overseeing his technique
his aim and skills, all arrows straight, all lines toed
and stand fast at payback time and not decline
the cruel fee: his weapon arm made useless.
Admit it. It was odd -
that a Master should spot the statue at the shrine
and gauge the pupil with an eye this ruthless.


  1. Yes indeed, but it was a time of importance to the higher order. And it is odd that a teacher would do this.

    1. Let Droen try it now and see :) Nice to see you here today.

  2. Very nicely portrayed.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  3. Thanks Rajrupa and Lee for being here

  4. It is one of my fav parts of this epic. Wonder why no one wrote more about it except for that one odd incident in the book.


    1. Oh they did. Just got chopped off at the final edits :)