Monday, 3 November 2014

Long, long ago

Those days too
I looked at you
and laughed off shopping lists;
and I forgot
to follow the plot
and keep the dialogue crisp.

I kissed your brows,
overlooked laws,
kept too many doors ajar.
I left every side
too open, too wide,
stayed too long and went too far.

I touched your cheek,
swooshed down oblique
planes of your body and brain;
wherever I went
my life quickened
with this mad lovesong in my veins.

I lurched and stopped
every dream that plopped
away from your lashes and mine.
Of course things change,
feelings rearrange,
but that’s same after all this time.

For the love of all my lives, this and the next six..


  1. Saath janam worth verse.Nicely done

    1. Thank you, just another one of those unique truths :)

  2. Hi Nila ... lovely way to celebrate someone of long long ago ... and then relate to the now ... cheers Hilary

  3. Nila, this is sweeter than your usual! I loved it. Long, long ago should be celebrated!

    Denise :)

  4. Truth is always sweeter than the poetry! :)

    Thanks Denise and Hilary, for stopping by.