Monday, 22 June 2015

City walls and step-wells and piled up peels

Somewhere the lamps shine brighter, but here dim.
I balance on my lashes coloured lanterns
from an entire city lit up, the trembling glint
of glass-fire on water, the night’s darkness burns
with a sandpaper-sadness under my lids,
points out again how fruitless the returns,

the yearnings for things now lowered and closed.
The weight always hangs heavy on restless eyes -
motifs of calligraphies made into mosques
the architectures of reverence, and sighs,
inlays of centuries sketched and now lost,
and sleepless owl moons winging across skies.

Still carry within - the small-writhing husks,
the peels of years which vanished at the bend,
the slithery skins and scales of time piled up
into mountains of sharpness, stone-stiffened,
the city walls and step-wells untidily tucked
behind arches still standing though weakened.


  1. Wow, so many themes and underlying meanings in that one! Well done.

  2. That was so beautiful! Well written and full of lovely messages and hidden meanings. I love your way with words too..."with a sandpaper-sadness under my lids." That was wonderful!

  3. Replies
    1. I am stopping by again to let you know that I nominated you for the Infinity Dream blog award. The details can be found here:

      Have a great day! :D

    2. Thank you Chrys! Slightly at a loss for words here :D

  4. '...mosques the architecture of reverence...' So much in so few words. I won't say more for now as I usually lose comments by iPhone. X

    1. I find all old buildings fascinating. Can't manage to do any commenting/blogging on phone - so serious admiration! :)

  5. I feel as you've described me today! :) Feeling my age, my mortality, and every regret - standing though weakened. I need a walk in the sunshine! :)

    1. Can offer you plenty sunshine :) too much to walk in, in fact :) Regret is not my favourite emotion either. Feel good soon.

  6. What a beautiful poem! I particularly loved the lines "with a sandpaper-sadness under my lids" and "and sleepless owl moons winging across skies."

  7. Love the imagery... and the touch of melancholy...

    1. That suddenly made me wonder if melancholy is easier to capture/relate to? Thanks for being here, Michelle..