Sunday 14 June 2015

Not even time

A drizzle of sunlight through the roman blind,
the paper-shuffle of the daily grind,
you called and you said ‘come’ and so I came
to find out exactly how strong the flame
of friendship burnt, and burns after a time.

We all think that the intervening years
treat everyone the same,  a few extra tears
unique to our lives, give us too the cause
for unique laughter.  Except this, she draws
fatelines the same, same leaves in the dossiers.

But not each leaf was written in the same ink
some weird insert, some strangely broken link,
word or verse struck an oddly haunting note;
the flame burnt still, therefore this sudden thought-
she wrote for you an untoward suffering!

But step away and stop being overwrought
about this or that line that fate forgot;
maybe she varies the trials, victories
by type and time both, she brings us to our knees
the intensity the same, just different plots.

This be the salient verse, then, this the nub
that distance doesn’t alter friendship and love,
your happiness and sorrow still feel like mine -
this itself a lesson in triumph.  Even time
can’t control at will what rises and ebbs.


  1. Over the years is friendship strained
    For each their life, was not the same
    On us time will gladly show it’s marks
    No two alike on ourselves or others

    So deep within the pain don’t show
    Or is that pain now been out grown
    Tho we’re two, we are the same
    Our will alone is what remains

    1. 'What will survive of us is love'...

    2. Love that walks by our side
      Will last past when we die
      True love is hard to find
      Still it’ll last beyond time

  2. This came to mind when I read your wonderful poem...
    There’s a quote that goes something like, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”
    They say that sometimes we are welcomed by friendships that aren’t meant to last forever, but are meant to teach us and help us grow on our beautiful journeys.

    1. Ya, friendships do that, some teach and grow us over a lifetime and some over a shorter season..

  3. Such a lovely description for friendship, and life's journey. Friendship blooms, its petals open or close depending on the suns place in the sky.

    1. That is a seriously neat metaphor Yolanda! Beautiful!

      Glad, and blessed, to have its petals open and close as they do.