Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Ghazal : game at the tavern

Sometimes a mood sings off-key, what can be done?
A partner turns to enmity, what can be done?

I’ve laid my cards flat open on the table,
not the suit of a dummy, what can be done?

The other plays high and that’s a heady chance
but those stakes are not for me, what can be done?

The tavern is full, the wine smiles as it’s poured
my cup can’t take its ruby, what can be done?

The saki moves in between and deals the hand
she picks the play and victory, what can be done?

This round being finessed with diamonds and hearts
the wins are hers, but wounds are free, what can be done?

The ghazal is an eastern form. I have written about it before several times, herethere and everywhere


  1. Not this round, but maybe the next.

    1. Ah always the hope of the jackpot in the next :D

  2. Such fun!
    Hey Nila, wonderful to be back in the groove again!

    1. Hey Yolanda! delighted to see you back in the groove! Look forward to your murderous posts :)

  3. A game that’s played
    Between two lovers
    Tho an open heart
    To the others shown

    If the ones stake
    are to high it seems
    another will jump in
    That has a heart of stone

    You are now out
    And can not, win
    And must suffer
    Your pain alone

    In a game of hearts who wins?
    Sometimes the loser.

    1. True that...and sometimes one has to lose everything before it can be won back

  4. '...the wine smiles as it is poured...' great personification. I totally get that one! Wonderful, as always. Now I'm waiting for that poetry book!

    Denise :-)

    1. the wine smiles and I smile to see it poured happy :D the poetry book will take a long time to come through :( ....BUT... we can keep sitting at the tavern and drink some more meanwhile :)

  5. Would love to hear this set to tune.

    1. Would have been delighted to oblige....just that I am crap at singing :-)

      Thanks for reading, great to see you here!