Sunday, 12 July 2015

That's all I get to write

I keep thinking - I’ll write this or that
about your lashes, the way your knuckles fold;
how your voice sounds at the digital chat.
But I don’t; all things cannot be told

in neat verses, iamb by iamb, in slow lines
of pentametric perfection, rolled
and wrapped snugly in straight/slanting rhymes,
the syllable counts precisely controlled,

rising and falling even as your breath;
but maybe it’s ragged now, maybe you hold
your words and life back, their length and breadth
concealed. Maybe you too have grown old.

And that is all I get to write for verse:
your lashes; and how our worlds diverge.


  1. Experimental, Nila? Looks like you've mastered the love sonnet very well. So touching...'Maybe you too have grown old.' :-)

    1. I don't have a clue about where the stresses fall! Don't sweat the stresses is the general motto, therefore - experimental. :-) Thanks for being here, Denise.

  2. Do we not someday
    disappear like mist
    with the morning sun

    Is age just a thought
    or something we
    can hold next to us

    Is love seen within our
    mind or by our hearts
    where time is lost forever

    your poem ask me
    if I do not love you tomorrow
    have I already stop loving you today

    Another poem sending me into deep thought

    1. Wow on that last stanza, desk49!

      Are today and tomorrow a cycle or are they discrete? That is the question I guess.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. After my reply I was thinking.
      Youth and old age are a fine thread apart
      Yet to each the other is a long way away
      And neither see themselves as either

    4. Ya, inner age and outer age rarely coincide. Some age outside in, and others inside out.

  3. For some reason this discussion on age, just makes me feel old. ;)
    Or is it just that I am - and you're right from the inside out. I am young of mind!
    Doesn't matter, your poem is lovely - your writing exquisite!

    1. have to be young to get anywhere close to poetry, reading or not one of us here is old! QED :-)

      Age is just a number, and matters only as much as we let it. Experience is what counts imo. And the more you experience, the more open you are, and the younger you get ;)

  4. You have a distinct "poetry voice".
    Conversational, embracing, smooth and poignant... beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I've been targeting conversational for ages, so you totally made my day! :-)


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