Friday, 17 July 2015

In the moment

What’s happening now, is this a life event
I’m supposed to take meaningful note of?
ignore the bunched up plastics, everyday stuff -
the radio chat on women and consent,

the eerie empty roads, the small sounds made
by a metal bubble as it skims along;
your hands on the wheel, understated strength
of man and machine at one; paltry shade

offered by palms, that the windshield fails to hold
like passing hands unable to get a grip
on glass, inscrutably smooth. Instinct’s fit
just to claw the trivial till it’s further palled.

The turn comes and passes, should it merit
a song and dance? well, I haven’t marked it.

This is the last write-it-as-it-comes post for sometime.  I am travelling and will be offline more often than I like :)  There are posts scheduled of course, and I will catch up with you as and when I can beg/borrow/organise a connection. Enjoy the poetry here and in the season/world wherever you are.  Stay well!


  1. Should I or shouldn't I love the silent wandering about a moment in time how fleeting they are. Honestly felt I was in a car and taking note of everything instead of daydreaming as I usually do. Lovely!

    1. Forgot to say have a wonderful trip. I'll be looking for your return!

  2. Nice travel poem and car metaphor.
    Safe journey!

  3. Like all things, does any matter
    For things now, are quickly then
    Over and over, all things new are old
    Yet we go on as if everything matters
    No song or dance will I make to remember
    Things that have passed by so quickly
    Some of us will wait, till you pass by again
    To hear thoughts, you whisper into the wind

  4. I like the question, Nila, as questioning the simple things in life, not knowing if they are important at the time. But sometimes looking back, we see they're very important.

    My thoughts are with you as you travel. Stay safe. We will hear from you at times as you are able in this wifi world we inhabit. I hope you share some pics on FB if you're able.

    Once again, congratulations, on your latest published poem. Beautiful.

    Denise :-)

  5. Hi Nila - have a good time travelling ... and we'll be here for your return. I am reading Rumi - just slowly gathering my pace to do things for me!

    Living and noting every moment .. I'd love to have that sort of brain ... perhaps it's something I'll try and take on board in the future ... what to do about the challenges - are another challenge.

    Enjoy wherever you're going ... and travel peacefully and safely .. cheers Hilary

  6. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!
    Love the sonnet.