Saturday, 5 September 2015

Step lightly

Turn then to face your own light, so shadows
fall behind, and wherever the path goes
uphill, down, or peters out, stay the trail
even if the odd constellation fails,
even if the coppery moon never glows.

Paths and poetry both come to an end,
words fall and shatter, useless to pretend
otherwise, their edges sharp as broken stone.
Step lightly into yourself and go on,
turn up that wick that can’t be darkened.


  1. Beautiful...

    I don't know why, but your words reminded me of a quote that I really like: "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." Edith Wharton

    1. Everyone burns some kind of a flame...being the mirror is perhaps the more difficult..

  2. Stay the course and hold on to the dream.

    1. Turning towards that inner light makes staying the course and the holding on easier.

  3. Walk not the path
    on old ones tread
    for on it death lies

    Yes one should turn
    and face there-self
    for who knows best
    what you yourself
    do not understand

    If ones poems
    are read no-more
    should one not write
    and let that flame go out

    What you have written upon the wall
    I read from within and see the candle
    from which Edith Wharton spoke
    for not candle or mirror but that spark
    within ones eyes should never go out.

    Thanks again

    1. In your usual unique style, desk 49...Agree that the spark must be kept alive always...most cases it burns spontaneously and needs no feeding, we just don't pay enough attention.. thanks

  4. Lovely, sometimes that light just glows and other times it barely flickers, but hey it's not out yet! Hi Nila, beautiful as always!

    1. Hi Yolanda, yours shines as bright as ever and may it never dim :) great to see you here today, have a great Sunday!

  5. Hi Nila - I've sort of been doing that over the summer ... learning from the books I've been reading and things I've looked into ... 'researching' / rummaging into the annals of my mind and looking to the future path ... seeing a way forward, yet learning from the past.

    Lovely poem with some rich words and comments ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, reading is a great way to find that inner light, isn't it?...your summer sounds wonderful! Good to see you back in blogosphere..

  6. Hi Nila. I couldn't help but picture refugees trudging along, looking for sanctuary, reciting this poem in their heads. 'Step lightly into yourself and go on.' And on, and on...

    Denise :-)

    1. Hi Denise, and that is uncanny!! Refugees is what I had in front of me too!! :)


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