Monday, 14 September 2015

Try it

You can.  Fall in love with anything -
a voice, a certain slant of phrase.
A dark velvet night-sky sequinned
with stars, the drape of galactic lace.

The calligraphy of dancing rains
on the fronds of the smallest fern leaf;
the gentle fingers of light on pines,
the clouds a chiffon handkerchief

ringed round the sliver of the moon.
A vagrant waterfall kicking
up pebbles and spray in the monsoons.
You can fall in love with anything.


  1. This morning, I am in love with cool mornings of late summer, an introduction to my favorite time of year, Fall. The orange of pumpkins, the red, brown, tan, and yellow of the fading green leaves. Subdued sunlight, and yes, even the whisper of winter waiting to frost the land. I'm in love for sure!

    1. This season is my favourite too! your descriptions sound luscious - someday I am going to visit the higher latitudes and see those leaves.
      It's so good to be in love! :-)

  2. Hi Nila - it's blissful having those moments of sheer delight and being able to luxuriate in that comfort ... love the way you've described the surroundings ... certain things can be such wonders at time - when we stop and take time to appreciate ..

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Stopping and taking time is the key. Hope you're week is going well.

  3. I'm loving the cooler weather and the return of football right now!

    1. Officially, it's supposed to be cooling down here too...not a sign so far :) Enjoy your weather and the football!

  4. And so offend we do.
    All those things you say
    has touched our hearts.
    Yet none of them can
    love us as much as those
    that can love us back and
    forever fill us with pain

    1. Those that can love us back,
      fill us with both joy and pain
      best not to keep any track
      neither weep nor complain

      I turn my face to the trees
      beyond issues of love and hate
      find comfort in the breeze
      those that can't reciprocate

      nothing like a walk on the shore
      or to trudge up a mountain slope
      and heal a heart that is sore
      so fill it again with hope

      love finds its reward and path
      though that may not be clear
      to a grieving, troubled heart.
      It's not always linear..

    2. For without one the
      other will never be
      like what you said
      those things I can see
      Yes what is around
      Can even heal me
      Yet I’m a blind man
      Searching for just that
      one grain of sand

      Again your words ring true

  5. "...the drape of galactic lace.

    The calligraphy of dancing rains
    on the fronds of the smallest fern leaf;"

    My favorite two phrases from this. Beautiful.