Monday, 12 October 2015

Mahalaya 2015

The temple gates are far, I cannot see
the goddess from where I stand, only feel
this slight coolness in the air; verdigris
on an old brass lamp; the usual spiel.

The grass’s gone to seed, different feathery
white or less than white, flowers too unknown
and admit it, what’s the temple really -
an idol raised in mud, slight scratch on stone.

Rivers skirt their banks in one sacred sweep,
skies, oceans swoop and swell in kingfisher blues;
far too many lives sold out far too cheap -
the goddess puts her arms to a modern use.

Dreams still come in conch-white and marigold;
but I dream no dreams, the centre does not hold.

It's the start of the festival season back home - happy Mahalaya, Navratri, and/or Durgapuja to you if you are celebrating.


  1. Which is which
    Around the world
    Few are the same
    Yet we see them
    From our hearts and
    know we’re wright
    Yet still I ask all
    Which is which

    Dreams lived in
    realms only touched
    But by our own hands

  2. Hi Nila - I love the verdigris on the old oil lamp ... can see the ancient monument which has seen so much of life ... lovely and then Desk49 does his amazing thing with poetry ... the husky dusky twilight slowly swallowing the day and things to be hidden ... cheers Hilary

    1. "husky dusky twilight slowly swallowing the day "wow! just love the poetry in there Hilary :)

  3. The temple is no more than a man-made place. Fortunately, God is greater than that.

    1. Nature is always a far greater temple than any made by Man and, for a true devotee, God is everywhere and in every thing..

  4. I always love poems that reference the power of nature over human excesses. Like Ozymandias etc. So much emotion in your words as always Nila. I'm sharing a poem as my Part A for the WEP Halloween challenge. (Not my work). I hope you like it. :-)

    1. Poetry is always the first love :) looking forward to the WEP as always...