Monday, 19 October 2015

Maybe aubade

The night’s fine, and nothing can go wrong -
this cushion of time means comfort, means calm
the winding darkness itself its own psalm
through the valley, the shadows however long

are pushed back at the tip of your eyelashes;
at the steady pulse of your relaxed wrist;
your smile’s proof enough that worlds exist
in one fallen leaf; in shooting star flashes.

The day comes; light uncovers primal fears
bred into the bone of every moment;
the foam of calm ebbs out in one spent
tide, scoops out the solid resolve of years.

Stay please, let the darkness be the morning
light does not always enhance everything.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Susan. But I am an open book :~)

  2. The winding darkness itself its own psalm - I really like that line.

    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it. Darkness gets a bad rap.

  3. Hi Nila - hidden depths here ... night can be a time to recover ... I love the way you've pulled the poem together ... people with challenges will totally understand your last stanza ...

    Stay please, let the darkness be the morning
    light does not always enhance everything.

    We have to live through those periods ... and then things will resolve and be better ... cheers Hilary

    1. Night *is* a time to recover...and to reconnect with family and loved ones for many of us...dunno why darkness is always a metaphor for ghastly things :~)

  4. A life time of worries
    The clinging of woe
    The blackness of night
    In its own darkish glow
    Shirley we will wonder
    If it comes from with-in
    This self-center fear
    We somehow now spin
    Yet still with daylight
    We ask if it’s not true
    Will this dread not linger
    Deep, within me and you


    Again you touch thoughts
    Of (What’s in my head)
    Saved to my post calling it
    (Lingering dread).

    1. Yes, absolutely, some fears are independent of whether there is darkness or light...dark can soothe as well as frighten, depends on one's particular brand of monsters :)

  5. Wonderful Nila. Lovely how people are picking out their favourite lines. Mine is: 'this cushion of time means comfort, means calm'. Love this concept, love the whole poem. 'Light does not always enhance everything.' You're right, darkness gets a bad rap. :-)

    1. Ya, it does doesn't it? One of the most maligned metaphors :~)


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