Monday 18 January 2016

Just one face

Time wrings the beauty out of everything -
the morning now just shattered shards of light,
the depth of darkness sucked off from the night,
the moon crushed, forlorn, like a crumpled mothwing.

The road’s shell shocked, the world’s a drunken camp,
the heart of workdays stifling, oppressive,
the weekends frazzled with no rest to give,
the days hamster wheels, the sun a rubber stamp.

Just one face in the crowd means breathe and dream;
just one glance, one word can forge a connect.
Just one face missing and decades are wrecked
and years become an angsty high-pitched scream.

We either speak too soon or speak too late;
the chance knocks once and does not know to wait.


  1. You have penned another powerful truth.
    A frightening AND exciting powerful truth.

    1. Frightening almost always is potentially exciting :)

  2. Time could have the opposite effect.
    Forgive me, but I think the truth went over my head.

    1. Quite. Time can wreck things as well as soften things. The presence or absence of one person can make or mar an individual world.

  3. Hi Nila - lots of thoughts and ideas here ... the moon crushed, crumpled - covered with story cloudlings ... one face, one gentle smile .. can bring us in - just one face of the moon, or the heated sun ... a glimpse through the trees - a very evocative post ... cheers Hilary

    1. One face can make an impact...a loved one of course but even a stranger, one word can make a poem can lift or murder someone's mood :)

      Have a great week Hilary!

  4. Yet chance is that and is not fate
    So it seems it’s never too late
    A face you seek no glance was found
    Your screams will comes back around

    The wheel is like that rolling sun
    One shells their heart for dunking fun
    The moon and darkness together run
    Death in time takes everyone

    Another year has gone around
    like a wheel this life of ours.
    We add more grease so none
    hears the squeak of age and wear.
    Yet time will not stop for us
    and someday our wheel will
    be cast aside for a newer one

    1. Yup, time stops for no-one...there is a line in the Hindu scriptures about the soul casting off the old body and assuming a new one just as a man casts off old clothes and wears fresh ones...that just popped into mind on reading your verse here...

  5. 'The world's a crumpled camp...' yes, my eyes stopped there. What a perfect description of our world. Sadly. So much in so few words Nila. :-)

    1. More than just one face missing for far too many people...especially where I am at...

  6. You poetry is as deep as sad. It feels like we need somebody to stand by us to handle with life circle.

    1. It always helps to have a travel companion, deepens the enjoyment, halves the troubles...thanks for coming by.

  7. That's great. And the we either speak too soon or too true.

  8. This post really made me think. Thanks for sharing.