Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Don't know...

জানিনা কেন পাসপোর্ট লাগে তোমাদের বাড়ি যেতে,
জানিনা কেন  ভোরের  আকাশ  ধার কাঁটা তারে ঘেরা।
জানিনা সবাই কেন চুলচেরা হিসেব নিয়ে মেতে -
কোন ভারটা আমার, কোনটা তোমার, আর নিক্তিটি কার সেরা।

জানিনা কেন মাঝদরিয়ায়  টানা আছে সীমারেখা,
জানিনা  অঙ্ক কি ভাবে কষলে ভাগ হয় নদীর জল।
জানিনা কেন দিগন্ত জুড়ে নিষেধাজ্ঞা লেখা,
কি উদ্দেশ্যে ও কারা পরায় প্রবাহে দড়ি শেকল?

জানিনা কেন বিনা অপরাধে  দ্বিধা কোঁকড়ানো মন,
জানিনা কেন অপরের ভুলে আমরা গুনি মাসুল -?
জানিনা এ গোনা শেষ হবে কিনা, হয়তো বাকি জীবন
এভাবেই  যাবে অপেক্ষারত, মিলবে না ওই কূল। 

I don't know why a passport's required to get to your home
don't know why the dawn sky is fenced with razor wire.
Don't know why everyone is busy splitting hairs
about what part is mine, and yours, and who's got the best scales.

I don't know why there's a border mid-river,
don't know how the sum's to be solved so that the waters part.
Don't know why the horizon's a huge hoarding that says 'No,'
what's the idea and who's behind chaining the flow?

I don't know why a blameless heart should shrink, hesitant,
don't know why we pay the price for someone else's mistake?
Don't know if the penance will end, maybe the rest too
will be spent like this, waiting, without getting to that shore.

Right, I'm prepping for my A-Z with some poetry in Bengali - setting the mood  :) Not to panic, all will be done...don't know when... but hopefully soon...

And in case you're here  for the theme reveal, that's here.


  1. Hari OM
    Created a chilling scene... neatly done! You'll be fine... YAM xx

    1. I am less organised than I usually am - yikes!

  2. Wars are always fought over those lines and boundaries.
    You'll get it done in time for next Monday!

  3. More and more journeys are requiring passports for US citizens. Soon, we'll need passports to travel from one state to another on vehicles which transport us for pay, like planes or buses!

    1. That's a terribly sad picture, David.

    2. And when I said "soon," I didn't mean "the next thing you know," as in hypothetically. No, I meant that there is actually, already a law stating that this will happen soon.

    3. Good grief! I had no idea - that's seriously disturbing why are lawmakers creating more barriers instead of finding ways to dismantle the existing ones??

    4. They blame most of it on fighting terrorism. Like building a multi-billion-dollar wall on the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration, and the illegal drug trade, when it's been proven that most of the illegal immigrants in the country are people who outstay expired visas and the like, and most of the drugs that cross the border come through at the legal ports of entry. But let's spend all this money on a freakin' wall, while simultaneously cutting programs that benefit the people, like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Special Olympics... most of which these politicians specifically promised they would not touch!

      Sorry. In one of "those" moods today.

    5. No need to apologise! I don't think spending billions on walls is an effective way to use resources. Or to resolve terrorism issues. 'Wall' is just a lazy solution.

  4. Hi Nila - we're not helping each other (well the leaders aren't) with this divide and rule life that's being played out.

    'Don't know' - is very apposite ... good luck with finishing off ... I've decided not to do it ... I'll enjoy reading though - cheers Hilary

    1. Tell me about it! Tired of the games leaders play, honestly...especially the divide and rule ones.

  5. I don't know why? It's what we seek as we bend words, seeking some answers.

    1. Not many answers coming my way unfortunately :(