Monday, 7 October 2019


I think of Giza often, I think of how
azure the river runs between those banks
as the brimming desert pivots on its flanks,
and the distance covered between then and now.

The way the trees shred themselves in season
and carpet the walkway by the riverside;
skies convulse with colour, the sun ends its ride,
and they map distances done, then undone.

The sleepy movements of waters and winds,
the mosque in silhouette on the far shore,
the angles of sails I don’t see anymore,
and distances that can’t be imagined.

I think of Giza often, somewhere westward
and distances that can’t be mapped and measured.

Once upon a time I lived in 6th October, which is an important date in the history of Egypt and gives its name to a place in Giza. Need I say more?


  1. Your final stanza says so much.
    And thank you for continuing my education.

    1. Thank you for being here. In some ways I remain rooted to all the spots I've ever been at. And in others, I'm a million miles away. I know it doesn't make an iota of sense :)

    2. It makes complete sense. Our heart makes connection to places, to people and then allows a little elasticity (and sometimes a lot). And now I wonder whether that makes sense.

    3. It does to me! Elastic heart - perfect way of putting it!

  2. Hari OM
    And it is such remembrances, such elasticity of heart, which weaves the tapestry of history for later generations. YAM xx

    1. That elasticity of heart phrase is a stroke of genius, isn't it?

  3. places that mean something and have touched you are never really far away. Your poem gave me a kinship to Giza and I've never been there.

  4. HI Nila - the poem has taught me something ... I hadn't realised there was a modern city of Giza - which was so interesting to find out about. Like Joanne I've never been to Egypt ... but certainly one day I'd love to visit ... sounds like it was magical for you - with memories to store.

    Wonderful descriptive poem ... cheers Hilary

    1. Egypt is totally magical! You'll love visiting Hilary, so much history at every step. I do hope you will be able to.