Monday, 5 October 2020

This cannot be titled


Not every feeling can be caught

in the fine mesh of poetry

sometimes they're too trivial to note

at others they're too huge, too fraught

so the words knot up in the throat

and the hands can't yank them free.

You explain, you mother goddess

with your array of weaponry -

in your own worship season, no less,

those very ones who're you made flesh

why they're raped, killed, burnt to ashes

by flagrant hate and bigotry.

The news out of India has been abysmal. Reeling. So much violence and hate. In a season meant for worship, introspection and cleansing. News from the ROTW isn't any comfort either. Exhausted, but trying to keep head above water. Poetry, as always, is the first line of defence. :) 

Take care, stay safe and well. 


  1. Hari OM
    2020 is a year that will be long noted in history for many wrong reasons... huggies from here. YAM xx

  2. Oh Nila.
    Even overwhelmed with pain, with grief, with fear and anger your words strike home. You so often speak to and for me. I am endlessly grateful for your mastery, and wish that is was not so often born of pain.
    Hugs from here too.

    1. It's beyond awful. Thanks for being here. Much love and hugs.

  3. No title possible, but your words do capture the horror and sorrow that abounds. Even those that trickle through the mesh - our eyes capture and record and weep

    1. Tired already with the amount of toxicity this year's piled on us all! Thanks, Joanne.

  4. Nila, you've done very well to yank those words free. I find it hard to get my head around this latest news from India. How can it be still happening? Words aren't enough. But poetry really does help to distil thoughts. Thank you.

    Poetry, as always, is the first line of defence, as you say.

    1. First and last, for me!

      People are absolutely fed up and out on the streets again...Thanks for coming over, especially now. Hope your holiday is going well, enjoy!

  5. The world is coming apart, and your words speak for so many!

  6. Hi Nila - life is just so uncertain at the moment ... but uncertainty in India or China is so chillingly frightening, other places too ... and worry about futures everywhere. Stay safe - Hilary