Sunday, 3 January 2021



I yearn to write you a poem

that when you read you don't stumble

on the raised fists and frowns of phrases

on hairpin bends and sharp angles

not even a downturn of a comma

and don't skid to a stop anywhere

blinking in too harsh a sunlight.

And as you read - those stanzas

fall like toes dipping into the river

fringed cool with low hanging branches.

Like a cocoon spun of afternoons

and pigeon throated iridescence.

Like mountain mists you breathe in

as you move through them they vanish

deep inside your membranes.

By the time you get to the end

it's bound fast to your pith

it's coursing through you gently

so easy in your channels

that you feel it was yours always

in this life and the previous

and all the unlived ones to come

for all eternity.


  1. Hari OM
    Thank you for penning
    a salve your yearning!
    A blessed new year
    to a blogpal dear.
    May you find in twenty twenty one
    lots of peace and, yes, some fun!
    YAM xx

    1. A response in verse! That is so fun! Thank you.

  2. And if anyone can write that poem of comfort, beauty and quiet joy it is you.

    1. Thank you for that great compliment. So glad you liked it.

  3. a refreshing turn of phrase, so smooth. Did not break a beat or hesitate. Good start to this new year - you are off and running (writing). Thanks

    1. Thank you for the wishes and the review, glad you liked it.

  4. A wonderful wish for a poem, Nila. You always surprise me with your turn of phrase - 'frowns of phrases' - genius.

    1. That makes me very happy - that I'm able to surprise after these many years :) thank you, Denise for being here, for the encouragement and support always.

  5. This is really beautiful. I love that it's a poem about writing a poem. Yet it's more than that. You've really given the gift of words with this.

    I hope your New Year is going well. I only read and reviewed 23 books last year, but my goal for this year is 30. My other goals are to publish another fiction book in 2021, do the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April, and increase the number of authors helped by Operation Awesome.

    1. Thank you, J Lenni, pleased you enjoyed the poem. My New Year is same old, same old, I'm afraid :) but still, I am hopeful for a fresh start.

      23 books is a sizeable number, you did lots, given how rubbish 2020 was! Congratulations and best wishes for achieving all your goals this year.

  6. Dear Nila - I'll join you in yearning for a life beyond the stumble we seem to be in. Take care and withyearning thoughts for an easier year ahead - Hilary