Sunday, 14 February 2021

Making the bed...


What makes a garden – the gardener or the vine,

the squirrels that dig it up, the birds that peck fruit,

the weeds which spontaneously undermine

the efforts of the cultivated to take firm root?


Is this still a garden? – if those weeds flower

and they’re smaller, less showy than the marigold,

if the wild grass were to wholly overpower

the careful beds and furrows marked by the household.


And if the bees come calling but so do the bears

what’s fertilised and grows is not quite by design,

and pests and pollinators take an unfair share

of the nectar and honey and fruits and sunshine,


if the yield’s not consumed by designated humans

is that just a pity? a waste? or a garden?

Directly inspired by Yolanda Renee here. Hope all goes and grows well in your garden. Happy V-day to those celebrating. 


  1. Hari OM
    Oh it's all The Garden!!! &*> what a delightful play within its boundaries you permitted us, with the hint of escaping ... YAM xx

  2. It is assuredly still a garden. Of course.

    1. Yup, and much better for the untidiness and shaggy rows.

  3. Hi Nila - this is wonderful ... a garden - it will always be ... perhaps not exactly what we expect ... but Nature does. Thankfully we can see life returning in nature now - as Spring approaches ... they push on - and so will we - all the best - I'm off to Yolanda's now ... Hilary

    1. The unexpected is often quite delightful, tbh :)

  4. Absolutely a garden and you never know what will pop up sometimes - nature has her way. Happy Valentine's to you. Take care

    1. Love nature's way - much better than ours methinks. Thanks.