Sunday, 28 February 2021

Route plans


Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home. ~ Matsuo Basho (1644-94).

Amwaj, Bahrain.

What you thought was home turned out just a path,

and what you took to be a journey, was home,

paid little attention to the maps and maths

and now you’ve no-one but yourself to blame

now that you’re so geographically doomed.

It’s not just a casual photograph

bleached out on a whim, pared to monochrome,

and surely not a thousand and a half

attempts at so called half draft of poems -

a whole heap of things that can’t be consumed.

Neither the doors nor the compass was yours

you let them possess you more than they should,

when you turned there were no wakes left, no shores -

just a diffuse, shadowless light. And driftwood.


  1. This makes my heart ache.
    Sending oceans of caring your way.

  2. Hari OM
    ...geographically doomed... that one hit me. But here we are.Look to the horizon now, never mind the wake or waves. YAM xx

    1. Yes, here we are. And the horizon's far away. Take care and stay well.

  3. Hi Nila - it's just such a difficult time - no time to adjust ... just life has 'dropped us' where we are ... experiences to have, experiences to remember ... life so far to remember - this time we've not really been in control of own destiny - we are now adjusting to our present lives - different to that life of our past. Stay safe - life is ahead of us where happiness and ease of life will be. With thoughts - Hilary

    1. Destiny's been real callous lately! Finger's crossed she changes her tune fast. Stay safe and well till this rubbish is over, hopefully soon!

  4. we are all driftwood these days. Excellent poem