Sunday 6 February 2022



Giza. 2011.

Did I ask for a smooth, trouble free passage?

teach me instead to steer the roughest sea.

When the times are lean, the world’s reeling on the edge,

not asking you to hold it steady for me,

grant me instead the patience to weather storms,

a spine that does not bend at lashings of rain,

a heart that doesn’t crave a hearth and home

and a mouth that smiles through pleasure and pain.

To stay the course which you’ve set me upon -

did I ever waver? just grant me the skill

to ride out again into the harsh unknown,

to submit with grace and not break at your will.

No roses strewn, clouds cleared - nothing I ask

except that I be equal to the task.


  1. Hari OM
    A prayer I pray I had prayed... but pray with you now... YAM xx

    1. My Ma used to say prayer is the best medicine :) <3

  2. The rough seas only make us stronger...

    1. Just a tad bit tired of the rough seas day after day now...

  3. I'm afraid I fear being washed overboard. But this is a good prayer.

  4. I need a lot of dramamine (or wine? or...) for stormy seas, and a better backbone for tough times. Yet, we do surprise ourselves with what we can withstand. I'm with you though - I liked this prayer.

    1. I could totally do with more wine! Lots, lots more..

  5. Hi Nila - yes to have the patience to get through ... I try and have a few options available, when I'm struggling - and that keeps me going. Very appropriate poem for now ... take care - cheers Hilary