Sunday, 27 February 2022

Yes, you can!



Come, show me a different face, you know you can;

take off that helmet, close those cocked gun eyes,

collect and still in your lap those grenade hands

and wipe up that small smudge of blood and lies


from your lips, that dribble of hate, go on;

finally switch off that screen, delete that plan

just stop carrying someone else’s weapon,

rise and reach into yourself, you know you can.


Let the flashing blades of all your cruel words

rust to dust, all triggers jam, all arms fail;

there are many other things, far, far worse

than a loss of will for hatred to prevail.


The planet is your country; you do not want

to create another random battlefront.

Another ancient one from the archives, I don't think I ever put it up here. Was going through the stuff I was writing ten years ago and this felt it needed airing here today. 

Uff, I'm so tired of seeing millions suffer at the whims of a few delusional, arrogant old men.


  1. Hari OM
    Perfect post for today, Nila. And I too am ragged at the few pontificating pretenders who are so determined the world is their oyster and their's alone...YAM xx

    1. I'm just astounded by how such a large population around the world have ended up with such desperate, oyster grabbing leaders, it's just exhausting keeping up with their shenanigans. As if covid weren't take care and stay well.

  2. your poetic words were prescient. Indeed, it's scary that "they" can amass money, power, and just take, take, take. Yet, history keeps repeating over and over. Will we ever learn?

    1. Nope. The ones who don't learn from history will keep repeating the mistakes and the ones who do learn will still stand by helplessly unable to prevent the repetitions. Infinitely frustrating but true.

  3. Hi Nila - such an appropriate post for today - so well written. I just hope now - we can get some closure, before too many others die, or are injured ... what pleasure they can get I fail to understand ... thank you - Hilary

    1. I fail to understand also. It's very disheartening and stressful the level of violence all round the world. And nowhere near de-escalating.

  4. Replies
    1. Any right thinking person would. Insanity has hijacked the world.