Top Ten : Nature

Don't get me wrong.  I have mostly lived in urban spaces.  In brick and mortar houses, with electricity and piped water and all.  I quite like the convenience of technology.  I don't presume to understand much of it, of course, like I don't understand the first thing about blogging.  They're both like a bit of fancy sauce on life's mixed grills, make the meal a bit more scrumptious.

But I have also lived in places that were in the middle of nowhere.  Places where you had to travel for some 80 odd kilometres if you wanted to buy, say a sewing machine, or a text book, or food colouring   I travelled to school along a road where I could see the horizon on all sides, except the back.  I have stayed with family members in houses where the water had to be drawn out of a well in the courtyard, and where one went down to the riverbank and had a bath with river turtles.  Not that I'd fancy doing that now.

I have camped out in the Sahara under a huge night sky where the stars jostled for space like peak hour commuters.  And the silence was bigger and more profound than that sky.  You could say I have camped in the middle of nowhere too.  

Once all that is done, the turtle bathing companions, the back of beyond camping and living, then the taste for cities itself changes. There's always a hankering for that wide night sky, the open roads, the visible horizons whichever way one faces. 

Again, there's no logic to why these posts are the most popular. But here they are.  The top ten that reflect the whinges about hankering for open and less accessible spaces.

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  1. These are all really nice poems. And your description of this page itself is very poetic. Keep it up!