Monday, 29 September 2014


How the years shred us, and the distance strips
the latent meanings, microscopic shifts
in unbidden words, slow rise of silences
morph the bonds, redefine relationships.

The cords are cut too early or too late,
knots loosen and tighten under the weight
of random things, arbitrary, adrift
at whims of currents and winds of fate.


  1. Each line & word speaks such few have always asked me if I like your prose or poetry better..and to date I can't i love both

    1. It feels great to see you here this morning! thanks for stopping by, Rik. Love writing both, and love it more when friends read and connect..

  2. 'How the years shred us'...'the cords are cut too early or too late' much to think about in just these two excerpts. Thank you Nila. Amazing as always.


    1. Such tiny things form the hinge, don't they? Thanks, Denise.


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