Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My festival or yours?

There is a certain throb of dark, a shift of earth
underfoot, a certain pulse of air that connects
me instantly, and connects without reserve
somewhere where the meanings move, the warp and weft

thread on thread, gold and red mesh and merge and create
the sculpted stones and ancient tombs and wizened stars
and kid laughter.  And daisy fields of happy face
and seaweed soft plush frozen drips meltwaters.

I have missed all my festivals of pinwheel buds
deep tangerine at one end, I have missed much more :
the proud skyshows of light and smoke and sandalwood.
I’m mindful of the applefalls but don’t keep score.

But if that’s at hand then that’s enough for a festival
My place or yours?  My pulse or yours? Immaterial.

Happy Durga Puja to you if you are celebrating!


  1. happy navratris, may ma bless you

  2. the mention of the festival is enough for the 'dhank' sound to start ringing in one's years...and most of the times I can hear it physically too as abhijit constantly makes every flat surface a dhank and keeps drumming on it...happy durga pooja to you & yours

    1. live dhaak in my ears after ages :) happy happy to you all too