Sunday, 7 September 2014

Where does your sonnet grow?

It’s a difficult habit, hard to maintain -

to peg the reading, writing, with place and date

much easier to buy a book and scrawl my name

and leave the rest blank, no city or state.

For a few days I have put the writing off -

“get to it another time, when less fragile” -

may be scribbled a direct draft in the blog.

But in the end I must make a fresh new file

and nothing of the cities now left behind

lodged in the making of these new documents

and nothing once I finish writing these lines

to signal homesickness and reminiscence.

Life’s perhaps a sonnet but the universe

cares little where it’s written, wants just the words.



  1. Did you experience " writer's block" lately? But the words are flowing beautifully:)

    1. Thank you Vandana :) some sort of mental block certainly, if not writer's :)

  2. Hope you come out of it soon. happens to all of us. Those " fragile moments" good luck.

    1. Thanks, Nima. Always need every bit of luck! :)

  3. Hi Nila. I hope you settle soon. 'Life’s perhaps a sonnet but the universe

    cares little where it’s written, wants just the words.'

    1. Every day a little more settled, thanks Denise :) but the final piece falls into place only when the shipment arrives, and the books are stashed on the shelf and of course, when I can have my coffee from the mug I've been using for almost twenty years :)

  4. I really liked your post about Where does your sonnet grow?

  5. :) life seems to flow in words, I wonder at times if words shall accompany me everywhere or shall they perhaps struggle about.

  6. Thanks for stopping here and for your warm words @Mita Pravin

    Life does flow in words :) sometimes faster, sometimes slower, smoother/rougher, and places have a huge impact on them, hope they don't have to struggle too hard :) @Sabeeha