Saturday, 18 October 2014


Maybe I’ll come to love you again
narrow and straight, this eggshell dense constraint
can’t say when and if that will happen
purple blistered disquiet breaking open
scrolls and shells on ways to reacquaint

I have twanged away too far and too long
down one-way streets into such broad places!
many reasons later – I was too young,
too foolish; or not enough; wrongly strung
at any rate, to loiter in those spaces -

I’m here; maybe I’ll come to love once more
these narrow necks, this stripped sky in narrowed eyes.
These thin skinned moons, their scooped out hollow cores,
the cirrus-slim line of foam on the shores
gnawing at shallow sands before it sighs and dies.


  1. Hi Nila. I hope you do come to love once more...your new home? Or am i way off?

    1. Hiya Denise, and you're spot on as always! :)


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