Monday, 13 October 2014

An attack of Hindi

I get these sudden attacks of prehistoric Indian songs sometimes.  And thanks to Youtube I can indulge. Anyways, I was listening to this ancient and lovely number last week, and spontaneously this verse floated into my head fully formed.  A little scary even, I didn't know I had any Hindi left in me, certainly not enough for a spurt of shayari.  I am not sure if the genders/grammar are correct, so if you are a native speaker, or a non-native one fluent in the language, please feel free to point out the errors.

हम भी ले आएं हैं कश्ती तुफानो के बीच कहीं
मौजों में है जो सुकून वह न मिल पाया साहिलों में

रखते हैं उम्मीद ज़माना नादान हमें कहेगा नहीं
मोहब्बत दूर कहीं डोलती है न सिर्फ तेरी महफ़िलों में

हमें तेरी छुरियों, नज़रों से क्या? रोक ले इन्हे वहीं
जो तेरे दर तक पहुँछे हम नहीं उन काफिलों में

हम भी हैं तक़दीरवाले - मौज, मझधार, तूफ़ान ही सही
दरिया ने दी है वह जगह जो न बन पायी दिलों में


hum bhi le aayein hain kashti tufaano ke beech kahiin
maujon mein hai jo sukoon woh na mil paya sahilon mein

rakhte hain umeed zamaana nadaan humein kahega nahiin
mohabbat duur kahin  dolti hai na sirf teri mehfilon mein

humein teri chhuriyon, nazron se kya? roke le inhe vahiin
jo tere dar tak pohuchhe hum nahiin un kafilon mein

hum bhi hain taqdeerwaale - mauj, majhdhaar, toofan hi sahii
dariya ne dii hai woh jagah jo na ban payi dilon mein

I too have steered into stormy waters this craft of mine
the peace that's in the waves can't be found in coastlines

I have hopes that the world will not call me clueless
love pulses somewhere far, not just in gatherings you address

what are they to me? your knives, your glances? keep them on hold
I'm not part of those caravans that reach your threshold

I too am greatly blessed - never mind the storms, midstream waves
the river has given me that space which no hearts ever gave

Okay, written, transliterated, and translated, though the rhyme scheme changed in the translation.  Phew!  Hopefully out of my system now.  It'll take some time to recover from this one! :)


  1. Well, Nila, thankfully you translated into English. It still sounded beautiful, but no doubt was far more beautiful in the original. Is it out of your system?

    1. I seriously hope so :) this write it as it comes is ending up in weird places!. Hope your week is going well, Denise.

  2. This song is really very beautiful! lovely lyrics :)