Sunday, 26 October 2014

Point me to where the answers are blowing

Does the wild moth care where the flames flicker,
naked, or within the baubles of glass,
flaunted at the points of wicks and brass,
or is mud kinder? cleaner and quicker?

Some wild tale’s heard in the depths of childhood:
how peace and stillness stick to paths of light,
how plenty comes on tiptoes in the night,
and a single wick can make or break the good.

Is it that simple? does it signify
that singed-winged wild moths are of no account?
that peace and plenty finally amount
to glass and brass and things that cannot fly?


  1. Very deep pondering. Guess life too offers us many things and its our wisdom to choose or not to choose.

  2. Is it that simple? Sometimes I think yes, sometimes I think no. Beautiful words as always, Nila.

    1. Most of the time I think it's simpler than I think, only I can't figure out how :)