Friday, 12 October 2012

Meeting Englyn Milwr

Seven of them to each line?
that’s cutting it just too fine
not englyn, but I’m tryin’!
Not scared of rhymes, it’s the form
I know I’d write up a storm
if they waived that seven norm
All my lines turn six or eight!
not one will capitulate,
can neither pare nor inflate
All my lines are eight or six
Oh, why are the forms so strict?
do rules and poetry mix?
I’ve battled into the night
but it’s an unequal fight
and syllables have their rights
so this time I’m out, not in
but pleased to meet the englyn.



  1. hahaha!
    enjoyed this a lot. great write, wonderfully done!

  2. big grin.....haha....i feel you....form for me is like a strangle hold but it is getting easier the more i play and try....but i def know the put a strict beat on iambic of something....i cant do it...

    1. I am clueless about playing the "iambic bongos" too :) but I do love fixed forms, and practice does make things easier...thanks for the encouragement, truly valued!

  3. Totally entertaining product as you practice this unique form. I think you've got it!

  4. Very clever - in a military style (or ? militant? ha). I liked the word play and the subject. You made it work very well.

  5. Very fun, tricky, meta-poetry twist -- mockery of the style itself which demands mockery.
    I like how form constrains self-indulgence and demands care -- contrary to the post-modern values of "me-is-enough".
    Doing both is the trick -- as you have done well!

    1. Thank you for the detailed critique...I like the discipline of fixed forms too... tho "mockery" to my ears has a cruel and scornful ring, a loud tone of exclusion ...I'd say no to that, more like a quiet joke that everyone can join in....have a great weekend.

  6. I'm not even going to pretend, but I love and recognize the humor.

    1. Thank you, Yolanda..englyn milwr is a Welsh poetic form with three rhyming lines of seven syllables each...this a shot at writing one...