Tuesday 2 December 2014

A prayer for Riki Roy

Credit: Riki Roy

Snowmelt’s going to be washed to the oceans
someday anyway, so give my ashes to
a fresh snowfall laid at the feet of mountains,
give them to the arms of pinewoods,  the immense
worlds tucked in a print of a caribou.

Give them, my love, to the vast stillness, the flakes
dancing to the leaps and whims of snowstorms,
trembling on the ribbed ripples of tranquil lakes
and when the universe finally remakes
them, may they again take a woman’s form.

May I be reborn around these mountains, close
to these spring-touched fields, these winter-bright slopes;
and one day quite by chance walking these snows
may we meet again where the conifer grows
as stars pin clouds in place with their sapphire drops.

May I be born here on the ridge of a mountain,
come face to face with you, and fall in love again.

For my dear friend Riki who leads the most extraordinarily inspirational life and who wishes to be reborn where she now lives and loves. We were reading some verses together, and she asked for a prayer/poem about being reborn in the Rockies.  Stay blessed and happy, Rik.


  1. Hi Nila - what a lovely poem for your friend Riki - and how wonderfully appropriate to learn about her and her love of the country - a very fitting farewell poem ... love the words ... with thoughts - Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, Haven't met my friend face-to-face for ages, so no farewells, she lives in Canada. But you're right, the poem's very much open to misinterpretation, yikes :) Thanks for making me realise that, and for reading.