Wednesday 3 December 2014

Riki's prayer II

Image : Riki Roy

Let me be grateful for each scar, each success,
every step taken with you by my side;
and every step taken alone in some dim recess
of memory, but special nevertheless
because each led here, where our paths coincide.

Let me be grateful for wonder and its huge breadth,
the depth of my passion, the lightness of mischief;
the bonds between us that persist beyond death
and the ken of humans, beyond narrow faiths
and streams speckled with leaf-shadows of grief.

And grateful for each grain of sand and grit,
the barefoot mornings, carefree and wriggly-toed
coming in with a summer swing at the hips.
For the jewelled ice on winter nights’ fingertips,
for pristine snows on hard shoulders of the road.

Grateful that you test the knots, ease every climb
just by going ahead or backing me up all the time.


  1. WOW!!!..don't know what else to say..

    1. kuchh na kaho, kuchh bhi na kaho
      kya kahna hai, kya sunna hai
      mujhko pata hai, tumko pata hai etc :) :)

  2. That was beautiful Nila. Loved the picture too Riki.

  3. Hi Nila. This is gorgeous. I felt so jumpin' happy reading it. Makes me grateful for a lot of things. And I love the new font you're using. Makes sense with poetry.


  4. Thank you @ Donna.

    @Riki - Thanks for the fotu and the idea, and though this is written from your POV, it is also my story, except that the setting and the plot details are far more mundane and uninspiring to anyone else :)

    @Denise - I kind of thought the font's more in keeping with 'writing as it comes', more spontaneous. So glad you agree, and that you enjoyed the poetry. Thanks.