Saturday, 6 December 2014


A certain yearning for those ancient rivers
eats into the morning without results;
the nearest one’s two thousand kilometres,
and the Hooghly’s distance now measured in worlds
the Benue and the Nile both out of bounds
just indifferent seagreen gulf's around.

There’s far too much inspirational guff
about the threequarterness of oceans,
about how the rivers end up being cupped
by loving seas.  And the televisions
get thinner and bigger, open wider jaws;
yet no rivers come by.  Not one trickle flows.


  1. A very important issue you have raised, really all the rivers are polluted and some are on the verge of shrinking.

    1. Terribly sad and true, it's all over the world really, but especially true in India.

  2. Hi Nila - you highlight and remind us that India needs protection and care in many ways - there's so much precious land ... let's hope understanding and some wise leadership will help your country ... with thoughts - Hilary