Monday, 22 December 2014

Love's not a Christmas thing

I’ll love you with the dance in my bones
and the pigeon calls in my veins
with the soil of my flesh and its stones,
the bungled belly laugh in my brains.

I’ll love you when the dances get dim
when the anklets draw hooks and blood
when pirouette is brimstone and grim
the last thrash of fish on the mud.

I’ll love you when the tinsel’s trash
when the tree’s just needles on the floor
all festive is only one flash,
and the dark is the maw of the door.

I’ll love you still when the music thins
under the amber songs of dawnskins.

Merry festivals to you, whichever you are celebrating, and the very best for the coming year.


  1. Such a beautiful , love filled wish of the festival and it just makes the heart go round and round, lovely to the core!

  2. Hi Nila - beautiful words .. to carry on loving - so important .. when the music thins under the amber songs of dawnskins ...

    Have a blessed and peaceful seasonal time - Hilary

  3. I wish your lovely way with words would rub off on me. I'm struggling to get the love of my two main characters to come across. Will read, and read your work till it makes a dent! :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nilanjana!

  4. Unconditional love is the most beautiful of all. Lovely poem.

  5. Thanks all and a Happy New Year!