Monday, 27 April 2015

W is for Weekend....and Worry...and Well...and Williams

 Williams, William Carlos (1883 -1963)

Closely associated with Modernism and Imagism, William Carlos Williams was an American poet, and a medical doctor.  A contemporary of Eliot he felt himself overshadowed by the great man in his lifetime.  His work became slowly popular in the 50's and 60's for its accessible yet sensitive language. He was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer for poetry a few months after his death.  Today my prompt is the poem The Red Wheelbarrow  

Behind the mist

The morning passes
behind a mist,
something like
a drop of rain
chases a trickle
on a fogged-up pane;
the hour snaps
clean in two
spilling a million pin-head
seconds on the floor
endless days, lightning years,
time stands breathless
over here;
where are you?

W is for Worry...over the Weekend there was the news of the Nepal earthquake, and many places in India being affected, including cities and places where my loved ones live...natural disasters like this bring home in no uncertain manner the fragility of life and our own helplessness in the face of it. I spent most of my Sunday catching up with people to check if everything was Well, and thankfully it was. Heart-Wrenching to see the huge number of people affected, a terrible time for far too many.

Posted for the A-Z Challenge 2015


  1. Thank God your family and friends were all right! We have a friend in Nepal and finally heard today that he is all right. Such a scary thing.

  2. I'm glad your family is okay.
    Lovely poem!

    Thanks for visiting my blog a while back. I'm sorry to just now be paying back the visit. Life's been crazy...

  3. Your poem was lovely. And you're right, it's a too dark time for just too many people.

    My latest post for the Blogging A to Z Challenge.

  4. Thanks for the lovely William Carlos Williams poem. It's so well constructed and says so much with so little. That's what I love about his work. My heart sank upon news of the earthquakes. Very sad news over the weekend indeed.

  5. Lovely, really enjoyed your poem. He's one of my favourites. Often use his poems as models for poems with children, when I do poetry workshops in schools. My blog is at Blogger will take you to a dud site.

  6. This was very sad news and I am glad those you know are ok. The poem really speaks during times like this.

  7. Nepal. The news is devastating. But your story is a light amongst the darkness. Thank heavens. I am so glad to hear it. Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me the chance to share your posts and the poems you've chosen. And education and great pleasure for me. Greatly appreciated. xS

  8. Hi Nila - I can imagine all the heart-wrenching moments you and so many others are going through. Nepal sounds in such desperate need an earthquake in that region shows us what devastation can do ...

    It is a natural disaster at its worst .. in a region that's almost impossible to get to ... my thoughts for you, your family, friends and the nations affected - Hilary