Monday, 15 August 2016

Fitting it in is a breeze!

Freedom is a short word, shapeless like water;
I can pour it into my throat in a draught
and it quenches one thirst, but leaves the other -
tackling that requires more than just wordcraft.

Freedom – it washes into my body
like an ocean tide, and leaves too, just as
the ocean does. The sands littered with rocky
debris, bottlecaps and butts, seaweedfuzz

beached and helplessly immobile till a wave
is moontugged back again. Freedom is a short
word – it fits into my knuckles, the shape
of my lips, the chipped tooth of truth, a sport

of time. Freedom is just a two-syllable
word, it can fit in anywhere, no trouble.

Happy Independence Day to you if you are celebrating 70 years of self-rule! Jai Hind!


  1. Love your metaphors. As always. Freedom is as powerful as the ocean too. And, as resistant to control.
    Happy Independence Day.

  2. Hi Nila - Freedom is always there for us in some form ... and definitely ebbs and flows for some - I just wish they were short ebbs and flows for many of the world.
    Congratulations on Independence Day - long may independence and freedom be happy ... Hilary

  3. Freedom of thought and free ourselves from ego. Beautifully said.
    Jai Hind

  4. You show how precious freedom really is.

  5. I really love "moontugged." It's a word for the ages.

  6. your poem made me think about freedom and it's cost. Happy Independence Day to you.

  7. Happy Independence Day to you. Freedom means a lot to us here in the States and I love hearing it means so much to others around the world.

  8. Wonderfully expressed. (A modern sonnet) Thank you for sharing.

  9. We celebrated Independence Day recently in Jamaica as well. Happy Independence Day and freedom is both strong and beautiful. To freedom, may it spread like wildfire and never out.