Friday, 2 February 2018

For Twinkle and Moongoddess

Did we want the moon supersized, what would we do? -
with a great big moon on our plate, both red and blue,
a thing of splendour in the skies, eclipsed or full,
even cut in half when served up too wide to chew.
Too wide, too great for the plate, too far for our lens
to pick up shades and nuance across this distance.
Let the moontug of yearnings subside, these birdprints
in the sand and the grains in hand too, are immense.


  1. Just like French fries, a super moon is too much at supersize.

  2. nice poem. I did not notice reds or blues, but the moon was darn big. Quite impressive

  3. Hi Nila - lovely - your words are so true for the supersize moon - I love it when I've seen it in the night sky hanging quietly ... cheers Hilary

  4. I haven't had many chances to look at the moon lately, and I definitely missed the red and blue moments.

    1. The red is fleeting but the blue lasts all night, and it's not a colour :)

  5. Great poem, you really have a gift.