Sunday, 11 February 2018

Valentine II

I can still feel the drizzle of your fingers
soft as the sea-sand on my face and hair;
some things are gone, it’s now many winters
the fallen leaves are banked in many layers;

there’s half an empty eggshell in the pond
floating next to the water hyacinth;
some kind of plastic scum in faded blonde
choking the small concrete steps and the plinth,

the bricks crumble gently and grow their cracks
and lure in grass and a banyan sapling;
but I can still feel the rain on their backs -
your hands don’t change unlike the other things.

And yes, this is where I’ve chosen to stand
surrender again to rain and your hands.

Totally off-topic, for those interested in my safari pics - there's a video clip in the sidebar. And maybe it's not all that off-topic either, plenty grass at any rate.


  1. rather forlorn, and weary poem. Sigh

    have a good week and I send a blog Valentine your way. Take care

    1. Thank you for the Valentine! right back at you!

  2. Hi Nila - so many in the same state ... hanging on - as what comes next ...

    Love the safari video of the lioness feeding - she looks relaxed and able to eat in comfort ... cheers Hilary

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I wish I'd thought of taking more moving pics instead of focussing solely on stills :)

  3. There can indeed be sadness associated with Valentine's Day, for some.

    Also, I'm quite impressed you found a rhyme for "hyacinth."

    1. If we're talking last syllable rhyme, which we are here, then I can give you another - labyrinth! :)