Tuesday, 26 May 2020

আমার আকাশ

আমার আকাশ, আমায় নিয়ে চলো বাড়ি
যেখানে দেয়ালে দোলে বাংলা ক্যালেন্ডার
কি জানি হিসেব লেখা কাঁপা হাতে মা'র
আলনায় ঝোলে কয়টি কস্তা পেড়ে  শাড়ি,
না সে কোনো স্বপ্ন নয় হাজার দুয়ারী
বর্ষায় বাড়ে কমে নেহাত সস্তার  দুয়ার
প্রতিবার চেঁছে চেঁছে রং চটা তার
মধ্যবিত্তের  দরজার মাপও মাঝারি।

আকাশ এবার আমায় নিয়ে চলো ঘরে
সপ্তপর্ণীর পাতায় ঘেরা জানলার কাছে।
ফাটা চৌকাঠে ঋজুর বিয়ের আল্পনা
কালিঝুলি মাখা রান্নাঘরের কোণা।
বাইরে ভাঙা ডাল নেড়া তার ঝুলে আছে।
যেখানে জীবনসার ছিন্নভিন্ন ঝড়ে।

My skies

My skies, please take me home
where there's a Bengali calendar on the wall
some indiscernible account written in Mother's unsteady hand
and plain bordered saris hanging on the clothes rail
No it's not a dream of a thousand doors
in fact, it's a cheap shutter that expands every monsoon
and the paint's peeling because it has to be trimmed every year -
the doors of the middle class are also moderately sized.

Skies, now please take me to my home
to the windows curtained by the leaves of the seven-leaved tree
rice slurry patterns drawn on the cracked threshold,
to the sooty kitchen corner draped in cobwebs
Outside broken branches and bare electric wires dangle,
where entire lifetimes lie in ruins after a cyclone.

My home state West Bengal has been devastated by Cyclone Amphan. We were already reeling from the pandemic. The cyclone has killed nearly 90 people in a few hours. Thousands of livelihoods and lives ruined. Some of my relatives in Kolkata were without power/running water/communications  for 5 days, there are still areas in the city where the first responders are struggling to restore supplies. Even worse impact on the rural communities. It will take years to rebuild. But we will get it done. 


  1. My heart goes out to you, and to everyone affected.
    This has been such a cruel year.

    1. It's been catastrophic personally and for wider India as well. Thank you for your support!

  2. I do think the earth is just trying to shrug us off. Very sorry for your home and people. My thoughts go out to you.

    1. I think so too, but some humans don't get the message even now, do they? Unfortunate. Thank you.

  3. Hari OM
    Oh, glad I checked back as once again somehow this didn't hit my reader list... my thoughts went out on hearing the news of course, but now I make those thoughts and wishes personal as I send ether hugs to you. YAM xx

  4. Dear Nila - I owe you lots of visits ... so will return shortly.

    This is just devastating ... so much is happening now - and I gather Bengal has been badly devastated by the storm ... I always feel for those who are affected.

    Sadly it will take a long time to repair, heal, deal with loss ... just terrible - we really do need some calm and peace - the universe is agitated too ... our future is at stake - take care and all the best to your relatives and friends in these times. With thoughts - Hilary