Monday, 16 November 2020

Star fall


Time spots the mirror and the photograph,

creates the marks and also wipes them away.

A silver moon statue, mug of half-n-half;

a much loved profile, a rather well known laugh

tapers and stills. Dead flowers in a bouquet

make their way to the river piled on the hearse

and a certain star shaped void’s our universe.


What will patch it up, make good the damage -

no-one has a clue, no-one takes a guess

the wise men proclaim so, all the poets pledge

wait for the ones to come, they’ll be cutting edge;

but now’s a gun salute, now’s a grieving mess

for every star must fall, even stars must fall.

The universe must shrink to a star shaped hole.


  1. How I admire (and envy) the way that you make words dance. Sombre dances, hopeful dances (depending on the season), but such heartfelt truthful and beautiful dances...

    1. Taken a bit of a knock this weekend, an iconic Bengali performance artiste, writer and dramatist has passed away. Glad you enjoyed the poetry.

  2. even stars must fall...very sad

    1. It's inevitable and even more tragic because of that.

  3. The loss of a special star in our lives is a lot to deal with.

    1. Yes, it does feel like a part of one's childhood and teenage has been ripped away from oneself.