Sunday, 8 November 2015

That's all, folks!

A sudden spike of light before nightfall
a few pixels beamed on a plastic screen
couple leaves wafting free beyond the walls
a touch down on grass that’s no longer green
skeins of migrant wings flying overhead
the sky spooled up with fading birdcalls
clouds flamingo pink with a sleepy sunset
the winds lowered among beach parasols
the horizon huddled holding its breath
the asphalt shrugging on a reflective sheen
rainbow oil splashed beside a boatshed
a red buoy bobbing on aquamarine -
that’s all it takes to bite off the routine,
to tip the day over the edge, that’s all.


  1. Hi Nila - certainly the end to the day. What a lovely description - it's 'sad' I have to see grey skies but at least it is lighter than the last few days and it's warm - i.e. not freezing .... yes I could do with a view like your photo - cheers Hilary

  2. An autumn day spent fishing - nice!

  3. Very vivid images. I could picture myself there, at the end of a day near autumn.

    "skeins of migrant wings flying overhead
    the sky spooled up with fading birdcalls"

    I love the wording here.

  4. Thanks, all! I love this season in the tropics.


  5. 'clouds flamingo pink with a sleepy sunset' So lovely, laid back and breathing easy. Restful and quiet - a season in the tropics for sure!

    1. Although when I read your title for the blog. I immediately panicked! :) so glad it a title for a poem!

    2. :D

      No cause for panic! All well :)

  6. Like Yolanda, I too panicked with the title when I saw it on fb. Eek! Don't do that to us Nila! Lovely poem, but I couldn't help thinking how wonderful if refugees could fly free as birds to safe shores. :-)

    1. No, no, no plans of doing anything to you guys! :D

      Totally agree on the refugees. Can't believe the hardships people have to face, heartbreaking!


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