Thursday 26 November 2015

The title is the hardest part, therefore 
I've left it wholly blank, left it to your 
imagination to supply the words 
and I just carry on writing the verse. 

There are no titles to my days and nights;
they come and go behind my back as I write.
The sun plays out his reel to hook the moon
in the oceans of the sky, the tides turn -

surge and ebb, surge and ebb without headings,
without glossaries and footnotes shedding
any insight, their whispers softly muted;
the dots of stars always unconnected.

Summing the whole with just a part, just a phrase
seems bizarre, much better off with a blank space.


  1. HI Nila - "Life's Continuum" ... or a blank space ..

    Love the verse .. and can relate to the ebb and flow, and the daily passing of each day and night ... the full moon pulls hard right now - cheers Hilary

    1. Continuum is a word I would so like to use sometime! :-) Thanks for a great suggestion.

  2. Is a title what one needs
    to tell the story true
    Does life need a title
    between me and you
    I tell you heart in hand
    I liked what you do

    1. Oh, I like your style of commenting. Hang on, have I told you that before? :-)

    2. Yes and thanks
      It might have been better if I'd said (like what) and not liked

    3. It's okay either way :) detailed feedback always welcome of course. Have a great weekend!

  3. So true, in abstract or reality, the title is the hardest. History records the truth or does it?

  4. I love this title-free piece... and the way it continues from the previous piece.
    I'm trying to think of a fitting word to capture the concept, but nothing comes to mind.
    I'm thinking of words like, perpetuity/progression. Mmm. Not sure.
    Cycle Of Perpetuity...?