Thursday, 19 November 2015

All the world's a war-zone

The flowers dry, the candles burn;
both reach their ends. The world still turns.
The streets are full, the café chat
is about revenge, tit for tat,
air-strikes, mortal wounds, ground combat.
I cannot take in any of that.
I only know she won’t return.

Although each time the doorbell rings
my heart leaps once, instantly sings
then recalls the days before.
She’ll never be back at my door.
The talk is thick with migrants; war;
how exactly to settle the score.
But I can’t relate to those things.

There must be justice, and a stern
reprimand,  offenders must learn
how strong we stand, crime never pays.
The news channels are choked for days
with some or other leader’s speech-haze,
clips gone viral, constant replays,
rehashing the current concern.

I just know that flowers dry rough
that candles aren’t warm enough.
I just know that my room’s gone cold,
my heart is shrivelled and grown old;
she’ll never again cross this threshold
whatever events might unfold.
That’s my truth, the rest’s just stuff.

For all the families - in Nigeria, in Egypt, in India, and in France and elsewhere in the world, who have lost loved ones to terrorism.


  1. Hi Nila - that is so moving, so true to the time now ... so sad to read. The world will continue to turn ... this will be history soon ... revenge isn't needed ... peace and love are, with a dose of humans being prepared to understand other and appreciate each other's lives. That's my truth too ... the rest is just stuff. So well said ... Hilary

    1. A few people have made conflict and violence their bread and butter and are hijacking all our lives. November is also the anniversary of the attacks in Mumbai.

      Just want an end to the cycle of violence and broken lives, though can't see it happening anytime soon. How do we deal with such evil ruthlessness without descending to their level?

      Peace and love seem to be in serious short supply. Fingers crossed for greater understanding across the planet.

  2. Nila, as always, you capture so heartbreakingly what others want to say but lack your artistry. If only beautiful, heartfelt words could somehow paralyze the haters and bring peace and understanding.

    1. If only. Sadly that is not the case and right now the haters seem to be on top...hope to see that change during our lifetime...

  3. When it hits home with a loved one, the rest of the world's thoughts and cares don't seem to matter. Very moving poem.

    1. Immediate family is the world for most individuals.

  4. Again your heart does burn
    No one lesion, no one sees
    Nothing but death around you
    And still your heart will burns

    1. Definitely very difficult to rebuild lives after an incident like last week's or Nov 26th..