Monday, 16 November 2015

A petal on the stream

This is a candle for those who died
without flames and flowers by the roadside
anonymous, just long smears of blood,
just shattered bones fallen on the mud
and not even one column inch worldwide.

This is a petal on the stream, offered
for those silent voices no longer heard;
those who fell in and yet, sank like stone
and no-one came in search or to mourn
and the world just rushed past without a word.

This cannot be a poem, we have no rhymes
that can sum the injustices of our times -
it's just a pair of hands to cup the last sighs
of those forced to stop breathing; otherwise
no lines can bring themselves to describe the crimes.


  1. Hi Nila - thank you for this ... it is lovely sad to read of the petal on the stream for each of those forced to stop breathing. Hilary

  2. Nila, a touching tribute to those who died in such a terrifying way. Our hearts hurt! 😰

  3. No comments! anything said would be inadequate for expression of reaction or feelings!

  4. Thank you, Nila. You can always be counted on for the gift of expressing the inexpressible.

  5. I ditto the words of Susan Brody. Beautiful, thank you.

  6. So many have died in the mud unknown
    Drowned in the river forever being alone
    No words were written, no song was sung
    No matter the age they were all to young

    Yet one flicking candle from your heart
    Such a grand goodbye you did say

  7. Thank you, all of you for being here. I am more heartsick than I can explain.