Sunday, 9 July 2017

Night sky

This too is a kind of happy -
just briefly preoccupied -
that the night sky is forever
though one pole star has died.

This too is a kind of happy
that others close ranks on the map
even if it’s momentary.
Not one night permits a gap.

This too is a kind of happy -
that the sun’ll rise tomorrow.
That day skies include all stars,
happiness includes all sorrow.

Last month I lost a close and crucial member of my extended family. This is a thanksgiving for his life and a memorial. Always in the midst of our hearts and our lives - all elders.

Since I'm travelling, my posts through July and August are scheduled, but I will check in whenever I can and respond. Meanwhile, have the happiest summer/season!


  1. Love your tribute to your family member.
    'happiness includes all sorrow'. It does. And that happiness is flavoured with sorrow, and the richer for it.
    I hope your travels are rich in experience and colour and wonderful.

  2. Very inspiring. I firmly believe there will come a time when we care about each other's sorrow,

  3. I'm sorry! That is a beautiful tribute. My thoughts and prayers with you and your family, Nila.

  4. Your star lives on in the poem- lit or not. Heartfelt meaning - a twinkle of sorrow and good memories. Take care

  5. Hi Nila - the stars here will mingle together and provide the added strength, yet absorb that lost light and bring back the wise words of the lost one, who will never be lost, as he will be remembered. So sad - yet a life well lived ... as he was crucial for you ... with thoughts as you travel to your homeland - Hilary

  6. Very sorry to hear about your loss of a loved one. Very sweet tribute.

  7. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!